Who Killed Betty? is a question that started a minor flamewar between Team Crafted fans, over a fateful Hunger Games episode, (128 on Jerome's channel and 220 on Bajan's) in which when Bajan tossed betty to Jerome, she fell into lava.

Why Bajan May Have Done ItEdit

Bajan Canadian or Mitch had built Betty, Jerome's prized weapon, giving Jerome a right to want it, so after begging, Bajan lead Jerome to a lava pool, and threw it to him, though Betty fell into the lava.

Already there are hints to Bajan purposely throwing Betty into the lava, such as wanting to give it to him near the lava. Also, by watching jerome's perspective, you see Mitch and Jerome side by side, so how could Betty fall into lava when Jerome was opposite side of lava. You can also here a small bit of taunting expression in his voice when asking Jerome to come to the lava.

Why Jerome May Have Done ItEdit

Jerome's signature weapon may be Betty, but Mitch did make Betty, and was giving his weapon of choice to Jerome instead, an enchanted diamond sword. Mitch also may have some more innocence up his sleeve. 

Mitch gave a fair warning that he was going to throw Betty to Jerome, and by Jerome going to his side, the throwing would have missed.

Why Mojang May Have Done ItEdit

Mitch and Jerome have been the two sides of the minor flame war, but could Mojang be the cause? Mojang made minecraft, and set everything on it, including the item dropping system, and the limited inventory space. Jerome had as many items a minecrafter could possibly carry, so if Jerome had extra space, Betty would have come to him, if they both had pure intentions.

Who Dun It?Edit

Well, most of the flamewar people do agree, that Bajan had killed Betty on purpose. With most of the evidence pointing to him and less to Jerome and even lesser pointing to Notch, Jeb, or Junkboy, for now we have to say it was Mitch.