This article is based completely on fanon, meaning it is non-existent in the real world.

The Team Crafted Show
is an online animated comedy series, starring SkyDoesMinecraft, and the rest of Team Crafted. However, unlike their usual Youtube videos, the show has written plots for each episode.

Series synopsisEdit

The show is a comedy/adventure show about Team Crafted, as themselves in Minecraft, as they go on epic adventures, conqering evil, and doing silly stuff together as close friends.


Many promotional efforts were made by the writers of the show, Adam himself, and the others. They announced it on Twitter of a Team Crafted series. Many viewers, who haven't already, subscribed to all of Team Crafted, so they can get the chance to see the first episode, as soon as it came out.

The show made it's debut on July 31, 2013, with it's Pilot episode, on Youtube. The Pilot, as well as all of the past episodes, have been shown on each of Team Crafted's Youtube accounts. On the first day of it's release, the video recieved an estimation 3,000,000 hits, already. However, the next episode did not release until August 24. The first day of the seccond episode's release, had an estimated 3,500,000 hits. The show continues to run, as the #1 animated show to debut on Youtube.