The Most Hated thing in the world of Minecraft,squids

Squids are a NON-Hostile mob, and are hated by almost everyone, except the Minecraft wiki. It is sky's mortal enemy, and it likes what sky hates (as shown in the Vampires mod,when Sky asks a squid if it likes Twilight and it says "I fucking love Twilight"), and hates what sky loves (example:Budder)

The Team Crafted ShowEdit

At the end of season 1, it is revealed the squid army hired Jack the Hack to take over, they said if he did, he would get 100000 emeralds, which he can't hack to get, but when the squids lie, Jack kills the squids with a budder sword, then apologizes for killing SethBling and doing bad things, then Sethbling respawns.


  • Its first Appeareance was the Arctic mod that sky was doing.
  • Squids seem to have the power to terrorist, as seen in EJM: Sky Budder Edition, and the Derpy Squids mod.
  • It also has the power to use budder like the books about kidnapping Deadlox,and stealing budder,and using budder to make A Bunch of Yummy Ink Sacs in the Derpy Squids mod.