Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date July 31, 2013
Written by Team Crafted
Directed by Adam Skyler
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Pilot 1 is part one of the two part series opening of The Team Crafted Show.

Episode summaryEdit

In Team Crafted's recent server, a villanous hacker named Jack the Hack, murders SethBling and steals his blueprints for an ultimate redstone machine, that can destroy the server, and everybody in it. It's up to Team Crafted to stop him.


The begining shows Sethbling, the famous redstone inventor, who is making plans in his lab for machines in Team Crafted's server. He is in the middle of designing a giant moving robot, completely powered by redstone products. While he is designing the blue prints, he hears a noise of blocks breaking in his lab. He goes to search for the intruder, when a shadowy figure comes out of nowhere, and strikes at him with a diamond sword. Sethbling tries to fight back, but the figure already murders him. Then, the shadow reveals his face, and looks around the lab for his machine plans, when he comes across his plans for a robot. He takes them, instantly.

After the opening theme, we see Team Crafted, in their base for a meeting. We see Kermit, making his offical resign from the team.